Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tagayan places...

Aside from quattro, ( I have an entry in my blog about this place ), there are other two places which i frequently go whenever I drink. The db bar.. also known as doc's boy grill and restaurant. It is located along congressional avenue in Quezon City. This where the GEB of the Walang Mukha Thread was held last Dec of 2007. Organized by one of the members. A lot times I've been here and certainly this place will be considered a memorable place for me. And this also a favorite place for all the gimikeros along the area.

The next is this place so called NOVA STOP. It is located at Robinson's Place Near the Bus Station along Quirino Avenue, in Novaliches Q.C. This is where the first time I tugged along my first ever drinking buddy, Tagay.

What makes db bar and nova stop favorite place for me ? Aside from its proximity from which I live, lots memorable things happened here. Moments of happiness, of strengthening ties between friends.. promising each other to have a long lasting friendship.


  1. Kapag one on one na bonding session, sa labas ng quattro ang inuman. Hehehe.

  2. nagkataon lang na malapit ang dalawang bars na to sa place ko.. hehehe sa place namin ni tagay.. hehehe

  3. familiar iung place... prang 15 mins. ride lang sya mula sa place ko.. hwhahaha...

    tambay din ako jan sa american diner's...

    sarap lang magyoci at tambay...hehhe