Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008... t'was a good year for me...

Before the year ends.. i would like to take this chance of recalling why year 2008 has been a good year for me..

1. I was able to start the year with a big bang. We've been celebrating New Year with a sort of a family reunion. A tradition that will sure last a life time.. All the members of the family were here except my brother who lives now in US. All my 3 sisters and their respective families were all here.

2. My Last birthday, May 2008. i was able to celebrate with my friends whom i've met from the cyberspace. This was the first time i celebrated my birthday with these guys. Joms, Melvin, Rod and James.. Thanks guys...

maya na yung kadugtong.. hahahaha.. para lang maihabol bago mag 12:00 am.. hehehe


  1. Mabuhay! Cheers to the New year!

    The best of life ahead for you sir Centurion..

    (i was trying to recall ur real name.. nakalimutan ko bossing huhuhu)

  2. Happy New Year Centurion! :)
    Hope your 09 will be as good, if not better than 08. Cheers!