Friday, December 28, 2007

Isang Pasasalamat...

Christmas Party of Walang Mukha Thread.

My deepest and sincerest appreciation to those who attended the Christmas Party held at Music21 Plaza last December 26, 2007, 8:00 pm until 12:00 midnight.

1. Quasi Modo - who paid half of the fee. Thank you grandpa.. Though we were not able to talk too much, if you could only knew how thankful I am for your generosity.
2. ML - as always, you've done a great job again!!! Thank you very much.
3. enelooparin - Thanks again for helping ML.. you're a friend in deed.
4. deathnote - you're improving huh! A quick transformation... from silent type of guy to a very happy and cheerful one... Videoke lang pala ang katapat mo!.. hehehe
5. Gcube - thank you for coming. You came all the way form laguna just to be with us. Ganda pala ng voice mo.
6. Orbiter - Jay, you never disappoint your kuya. Kahit late ka na dumating... You are really a friend. You're always there whenever i need you. Thanks dude.
7. Whitelight - dude, you impressed me a lot. you're a "diva".. hehehe the next "pinoy pop superstar.
8. TopGun - dude, thanks for coming.... though nahihiya ako sayo.. nablocked kasi kita before sa thread namin... but still you were able to attend the party..Thanks to enelooparin.
9. Melvin (Tagay) - surprisingly... this guy from the other thread (Mga Walang Face Pic! Exculsive!!!) were able to make it. Salamat dude.. akala ko nagbibiro ka lang na pupunta ka.. Thank you talaga.

The party was really a success... more of this kind of gathering is expected to happen again. See you all guys again. What's next? Valentine's Party ba? hehehe or Summer Outing naman? hehehe


  1. mmm..nagbago ba ako...waa...di ko alam...

  2. yeah DN... nagbago ka na.. hindi ka na gaya nung una kitang nakita.. at magandang pagbabago yan.. hehehe i really like it...

  3. @whitelight...asus,,, may maganda voice mo sakin no.. hehehe

  4. di ako nakakanta ng shawie :-(

    happy new year master!!!