Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A worthwhile Christmas Vacation...

Vacation period has officially ended today. It's been 12 days to be exact (Dec. 22 - Jan. 2) and yet thinking of different activities I did during this period, I may say that this vacation has been very worthwhile for me. This made me realize that there are lots of things which I should be thankful for.

1. I thank GOD above all for the opportunity to live happily, and for the continues guidance and blessings. What more can I ask for? You gave me a family who loves me very much, friends who stay with me all throughout. New bunch of friends who made me realize that I'm not an introvert person after all.

2. I thank my family. I was able to rekindle my ties and made it stronger.. with the members of my family. My parents, my 3 sisters, my nieces and my nephews, my brothers-in-law, and my relatives. We had our family reunion last Dec 24, Christmas eve, and Dec 31, New Year's eve.

3. My new found Friends. I was able to meet new friends and was able to see them in person. These people are from the thread that I've created in one of the sites, We had our Christmas Party last December 26, 2007 held at Music21 Plaza in Timog Ave. It was a success. Orbiter, Deathnote, ML, Eneloop, Whitelight, Quasimodo, Rodddddd, Raptor, Gcube, Corps, Room506 and Certified.. Thank you guys for making my vacation an entirely different experience.

4. My students. Thank you guys.. I had a great time with you. Last Dec 25, we went to Trinoma to stroll and afterwhich we went to Timog. Aldrin and Mark, both 18 yr old guys who sticked with me all throughout this school years Thank you guys for the funny and enjoyable experience with you.

5. And lastly.. my former high school classmates. It's been years that we haven't seen each other and yet the friendship is still there. We had our class reunion last Dec. 30. Remembering the memories from our high school days is really great moment... the laughter and the funny moments we had. Thank you guys... see you again next year.

And tomorrow.. starts a new working year for me..

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