Sunday, November 11, 2007

nag se senti lang....

centurion: ei musta na? long time no text ah...

him: hu u?

centurion: ay ganun? deleted mo na pala name ko sa phonebbuk mo. ok thanks na lang..

him: ei.. sino ka ba? baka kasi sa tagal ng di mo pag text.. na delete ko na number mo..

centurion: di bale na lang... thanks.. have a good day a head.

him: ok


It's been a long while since the last time I sent this guy a text message. I dont know, we just stopped texting each other. I dont know what's the reason why. I've met this guy from cyber. I remember still could remember the first time i met this guy. He was just like a little kid who was longing to have a brother.. which according to him.. he's very happy that he finally met someone like me whom he can consider his elder brother. We've been texting each other almost everyday from 'til night ended up to dawn...thanks for the so called "unlimited text. We havent missed any single moment that happening to us. Trying to update each other on what we do, our whereabouts... And this lasted for about 3 months of constant texting. But we're never had to chance to see each other personally. We don't even have any idea of how we look like. We just enjoyed texting each other. As if we've been know each that long. He calls me "Kuya" for he is much younger than I am. And i call him "tol"...a term which is usually addresses by an elder brother who is much very close to his younger brother..

But now... sad to say and i feel bad.. it's all gone.. those happy moments we together thru texting. I just hope he misses me... and i wish him luck for he might found somebody whom he can really consider a big brother to him.

good luck tol... wish you all the happiness in this world.


  1. Ganun talaga minsan. People come and go, ika nga. Nakakalungkot but thats a fact.