Friday, November 23, 2007

ABCD of me....

A - Age: I'm already 38…. Waaah. Lapit na akong mawala sa numbers ng lotto…heheh

B - Bands I'm Listening To Right Now: none in particular… basta maganda yung music… kahait sino kumanta..hehehe

C - Career: A teacher by profession…teaching high school physics.

D - Drink or Smoke: Winston Red/Lights…moderate smoker and occassional drinker.

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: Simpleng tao… hindi maingay… may sense kausap…. Badtrip din ako sa KSP.

F - First Crush: I could still remember during my elementary days.. There was this girl classmate of mine named ROSELA TULIPAN… my seatmate actually…one of the reasons why I like going to school everyday is because of her.. Crush na crush ko talga siya.. Nasaan na kaya siya ngayon?

G - Gadgets: Nokia N70, Intel Celeron Desktop PC

H - Hobbies: internet surfing… chatting.. texting… Going to Malls… sometimes watching movies… Singing Videoke… May boses din naman ako kahit paano.. hehehe.

I - In love: Yes.. with my family and special someone.. bahala na kayo kung boy o girl siya.. hahaha

J- Junk Food You Like: banana que… turon… bibingka… ube… halaya.

K - Kidz : Sana bago ako naging ganito nagkaroon muna sana ako ng anak na lalaki...

O - One Wish You Have Now: I wish I have all the happiness in this world..

P - Phobias: Night Swimming sa beach… Ewan ko.. natatakot talaga ako mag swimming ng gabi sa beach,,, parang there will be something na hihila sa paa ko pag lumusong ako sa tubig…

Q - Favorite Quote: “Pag gusto… maraming paraan.. pag ayaw… maraming dahilan” I always believe in this saying…

R - Reasons To Smile: I have my family who loves me very much… I have a work .. and I have friends.

S - Sleeping Time: usually around past 1am… the earliest is 11pm.. and have to wake up at around 5:30 am in time for me to prepare myself in going to work…

T - TV Channels: IM not really a TV addict… Since dito sa bahay… mga KAPUSO mga kasama ko dito.. I have no choice but to see tv programs of channel 7.

U - Unknown Fact About You: They will still be unknown... Im a very discreet person...

V - Vegetable You Hate: okra... I really hate the veggie

W - Worst Habit: Wala Yata…

X - X-rays You’ve Had: Chest and Back X-Ray. And I have this on yearly basis since it is a part of our annual medical check up in government service.

Y - Yummy Foods: Anything with “gata ng niyog” I love it very much. I also like food with tomato sauce.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus

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  1. yup, people around is the simplest reason to smile, i guess... yeah...

    and i like that quote too, kung gusto madaming paraan at kung ayaw madaming dahilan.. really makes sense :P

    God Bless..